Thank you…

Your generosity makes a difference to a child living with disability.

The Treehouse believes that every child deserves the opportunity to participate fully in family and community life.

Our Early Intervention services help make this happen by connecting with families early in their child’s life and providing family support, therapy and education programs.

Some children living with disability or developmental delay are not eligible for government funded services. There are many reasons why this may happen such as visa status, time it takes to receive a diagnosis or the type of developmental delay.

Your donations help to fill these funding gaps so that all children and families in need can access our services.

All donations over $2 are tax deductable.


How your sponsorship helps a child:

Direct financial sponsorship of a child enables their family to access therapy services, education programs and purchase much needed equipment and resources.

Your sponsored child will be linked with one of our Key Workers who will work with the family to meet agreed goals for their child.

Families gain great emotional support and encouragement just knowing that their sponsor, whom they will never meet, cares enough to invest in their child’s future.

As a sponsor you will receive:

  • A welcome letter and a profile that introduces you to your child, their family and the family’s goals for their child’s development.
  • A termly report card on your child’s development and what your donation has contributed to.
  • A tax deductable receipt issued annually for your sponsorship donation.
  • Opportunities to write to your child and send them a card on their birthday.
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